Violy Cello Lecture | Wu Linfeng

My Cello Learning Experiences in Cello Lessons

My grandfather loves music very much and he is a collector of CDs. My father learned to play the violin when he was young and he is an amateur violinist himself. Once he heard a song with cello cover and became interested in the instrument, he intended to let me learn to play the cello instead of violin. This is a brief story about my road to cello. Since I grew up in a family that love music, and my father had some music training before, I have the chance to learn music with these two advantages.

A Cello Teacher’s Explanation: What the Students with Art Talent Are Like

First, I need to make it specific that art students and students with art talent are totally different. Art students are those who major in art in college, for example, a student majoring in violin performing in College of Arts, Renmin University of China. As for students with art talent, they are those who study comprehensive majors but get admitted under the privilege because of art talents. I am a student with art talent myself and got admitted by Peking University under the privilege of 50 points dropping, which means if the enrollment score of Peking University is 650, I can enter the university with a score of 600.

My Career Choice As A Cello Teacher

Personally, I think what people should learn are knowledge, skills and ability. These elements are important for career choice.

A Cello Teacher’s View: The Status Quo of Chinese Music Education

As far as I know, many Chinese parents of the time have little knowledge of music. Since education in China is utilitarian in some way, Chinese parents lack art education. It is not likely for them to help their children in music learning. But I recognized one thing during my teaching that this situation will be improved in our next generation. Take Beijing for example, in an ordinary primary school, children who learn to play the instrument account for 1/3 to 1/2 of all students. This percentage is much higher than that in our generation.

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