Handy Hints for All Piano Beginners

Sight-reading is the art of being able to play a piano piece at first sight without any prior (or little) preparation. It is an essential technique that all pianists should possess and excel at. In the meanwhile, sight-reading seems to be one of the challenges that either a piano beginner loves or has recurring nightmares about.

Good sight-reading skills are significant because they can help piano students improve the efficiency of practicing new piano works, and expand the piano learners’ repertoire in some way. …

Reasons Why You Should Practice after Piano Lessons

As long as you are learning piano and intend to master piano playing one day, you cannot skip daily practicing. It is true that effective practicing is one of the most important elements which can help piano students get improved step by step. But isn’t it tiresome for piano learners to be pushed to practice by their piano teachers and parents?

Apart from finding pleasure in piano learning, knowing the 10 benefits of piano playing which are backed by science can also serve as an impetus for you to take the initiative to practice. …

Suggestions from Piano Teachers

It is always challenging to start to learn the piano from scratch. But with the help of right tools, the piano beginners can quickly become proficient in basic piano techniques.

Apart from an excellent piano teacher who can guide you along, high-quality piano books are also necessary for you to make progress. If you are new to piano, the following piano books can be wonderful options. Also, the piano sheet music contained in more than half of the recommended piano books can be found in Violy App.

1. Piano Adventures

Written by Nancy & Randall Faber, the set of books titled “Piano Adventures

Comment on Music Practice in Violy App

Apart from daily practice, timely feedback from music teachers also plays an important role in the students’ music learning process.

In Violy App, music teachers can check their students’ homework under “OVERALL” and “PRACTICES” sections in “Students” page. Now the “Homework Comment” feature is newly supported, which allows music teachers to leave comments based on the students’ performance.

To understand the feature better, check out the instructions of its usage below.

Create Reviews on Music Practice Homework

Enter “Students” > “MEMBERS”, and click on a student’s avatar.

A Creative Toolbox for Sheet Music Uploading

Did not find the sheet music you want in Violy App’s Music Cloud? Don’t worry, you can upload the music scores into the app by yourself. “Violy Creator Studio” allows each Violy musician to be a music publisher.

Once the uploaded sheet music is released after a short review process, you will be able to find it in “Music Cloud” in Violy App, and start your practice at any time and in any mode. …

A Professional App for Remote Music Teaching

Violy musicians, have you used “Live Class” feature in Violy App? Through the feature, music teachers can make video calls to students and teach music instrument lessons online. The specially optimized, high-definition audio and video transmission can boost the efficiency of remote music education.

Many improvements have been made on “Live Class” feature after its release. The detailed instructions of its usage will be introduced in the text below.

Start a Music Class Online

Open the app, sign up, and select “I’m a teacher”.

A Smart Timetable for Online Music Classes

To help all Violy musicians take remote music classes in a more organized and flexible way, “Classroom” feature is supported on Violy app.

“Classroom” feature is like a smart class schedule. It allows music teachers to schedule the online music classes and get every participant notified before the classes begin. Also, during the video call, students can rejoin the class at any time if they get disconnected. Besides, The group/academy admin can use the feature to help music teachers create classes, which can take the pressure off the teachers and improve the efficiency of management.

To understand the feature better…

Account for Music Schools

Music academies, music schools, and music conservatories can apply for academy account on Violy App, which allows music academy admins to manage music student groups, remote music classes, and music education progress easier with the listed features:

  • Customized App Opening Picture;
  • Academy Members (Contact list for teachers and students on Violy);
  • Academy Admins (Academy managers who can manage the groups and classes);
  • Academy Groups (Practice overview on each group);
  • Unified Account for Live Class Pro;
  • Yearly Premium and Live Class Pro Discount.

To create a Violy academy account, please contact Violy team at:

Customized App Opening Picture

The academy owner…

Use Apps to Customize Your Piano Playing with Ease!

Plan to learn a musical instrument? There are multiple reasons why you should choose piano. According to studies, playing the piano reduces stress and anxiety, improves hand-eye coordination, and even boosts self-esteem. Apart from these benefits, during the Covid-19 pandemic, playing your favorite songs on the piano can be soothing.

With the aid of technology, the ways of learning, teaching, and playing the piano are no longer limited. Piano teachers and students can choose to use a variety of piano apps according to their individual needs. …

Professional Apps for Violin Playing

Violin apps designed for violinists have transformed the ways of practicing, learning, and teaching the instrument. Thanks to the amazing apps and the professional developers, especially during the Covid quarantine, violin players at all levels are able to customize their playing in a smarter way.

So which ones are the best violin apps for 2021? Let’s dive in.

Violy: A Smart Music Classroom That Connects Violin Teachers and Students

For Violy violinists, Violy App is definitely their favorite. It allows violin teachers to start violin classes online, and allows the teachers and students to review their practice homework anytime and anywhere.

Teach Remote Violin Lessons

Violin teachers may find that online violin classes are not…


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